Digg is one of the best social media platform which is used by users all over the world to submit their stories to get their article popular , in reward they get lots of visitor and back-link to their website which almost fulfill dream of any writer who own blog and website.

Do you think this article is based on What is Digg or Why to use Digg or bla bla...NO.This article is about main problem which is faced by digger every day and every time when they submit article in Digg i.e is How to get article popular in Digg" and Technocage always try to help user in this type of matter so i decided to talk some power digger and make a conclusion which really going to help all digger who wonder to get Popular their article on Digg.

So be patience and read some tips according to power digger which will really going to help you all in getting your article popular which are listed below:

1.Become Good Follower

Try to follow Good follower who don't spam and are active user, Instead who following spammers.

2.Become Good And Active Digger

Try to Digg Good and Latest Stories regularly from those you are following.Don't dugg stories who are 24 hour old ,they are dead stories will effect your profile.

3.Do submission In Gentle Way

Try Maintain a Gap of 4-5 hour in Submission of article and don't sub same site back to back give preference to other website also which are related to your interest.

4.Use Each category Of Digg

If possible try to Submit Article in each category of Digg ,this will really going to boost up you profile and create max chance to get pop.

5.Do Less Promotion If you do

Many of user do promotion for their article on Digg which is not so good but you can do it good way to take advantage of promotion check below tips:
  • Promote less and take 60 diggs in 5 hour ,10 vote each hour.
  • Try to get more and More Views for you submission.
  • Try to get Genuine Comment instead of good ,nice and bla bla bla

NoteDon't exceed your Digg count more then view if this so,you will prove your spamming.

6.Use a Good Title and Description in Your Diggs

Try to add good Title and Description to your submission which attract users,Instead of adding Spamming content.

7.Get Max Diggs from Mutual

If you getting your Diggs from your Mutual then it reflect the image that you are getting diggs from your Followers and friends who read you story daily.

8.Submit Real content from real Source

If you are submitting Real source and from Real website who actually submitting the news then their are max chance of that story to get poped.

10.Try To Submit Popular Keywords

Apple,Window,Gaming,Android,Google and their are lots more which every Blogger know.This also increase the chances of story to get pop because maximum nerds explore about this type of stuff on Digg.

11.Try To Submit Article in related Category

Submit Article in related category which match your content ,if you add Gaming content in Technology section it will be counted as spam and get buried.

So if you are user who already using digg can follow this tips to be a good digger and if you are not then be a part of this Social media Website by Registering .And if you get pop your story on digg then don't forget to share that with Technocage.