FreeDownload Norton Antivirus 2012 and Norton Internet Security 2012 Final Full VersionV19.1.0.28, Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security provide best computerprotection against viruses and spyware, stops identity theft, and stops newthreat before they can do damage to your computer. Most of Norton Antivirus/InternetSecurity 2012's real time protection features are much less obtrusive, though,and just run quietly in the background, keeping you safe. So Auto-Protectwatches the files you access, quarantining threats before they're able tolaunch; Download Insight 2.0 uses data from other Norton users to warn you ofdangerous files; Symantec's SONAR technology has been enhanced to detect evenmore malware; and an accurate spam filter integrated immediately with ourOutlook installation, protecting our inbox from phishing scams, virus-packedattachments and assorted other junk. Download Norton Internet Security 2012 V19.1.0.28 Final

Features :

· They haveintroduced SONAR Policy Enforcement to their new products. SONAR 4.0 technology is able tomuch more aggressively remove threats on pre-infected machines.

· Reductionin footprint, resulting in smaller download and install sizes. Faster startupand shutdown.

· You’llnotice that main window has been simplified for the users who only want to dotwo basic things: Run Live Updates and Run Scans.

· IdentitySafe 2012 supports storing your data in the secure Norton cloud.

· This newversion also supports Google Chrome browser, it means you will get the password andform-filling capability from Identity Safe, industry-leading phishingprotection and SafeWeb site safety ratings for Web sites and search results.