Blog traffic is thing about which every users start worrying about from the day, user start doing blogging.You can increase your traffic by doing SEO ,but today i'm front of you to give and simple and easy way to get good traffic to your blog and website(Mainly Technology and gaming).But how to get traffic that is main question ?? And answer is

Windows 7 Forums is one of best and open discussion forum, and member of the Microsoft Partner Network which is not official part, not owned or operated by Microsoft Corporation.But still this website have great popularity among geeks,and if still you don't believe then just ask any question related to window 7,window8 and other you will get first link on this FP of Google search engine.

Lets come to point and get into some more information about this website and how this website helps you get more and more traffic.Basically forums is the place where users put their problem in front of forums member and get solution to their problem and same is with this website.

Special About Windows 7 forums

  • This website have create variety of category to put you thread like Windows 7 Discussion,rumors and news,games,graphics,software and more.
  • Also include some category like MAC OS,Google,Linux and open topic forum.
  • You can also post you article which should be related to forum theme.
  • Perfect user interface which give complete information about second to second arrival of users and thread asked by them.
  • Windows 7 forums have good statics with Threads:36,324 ,Posts:171,790 ,Members:28,569

How to get drive traffic from Windows 7 forums to your blog

  • First be a part of Windows 7 forums and make you good and perfect profile.
  • After that make habit to give answer to asked thread if possible or put you own thread(don't spam).These activities will give you point and increase your reputation in your group more active you are more popularity you have.
  • After you become active member and u feeling that you get good response to your website you can add you signature which show you linked page below every thread or any activity you do in forums.
  • You can also add you website in option provided in setting.
  • You can link you article as solution to asked ,but not every time this is count as spam.
  • You can also add article in windows 7 forums just little bit about 100-120 words and rest hyper linked to your blog..but again don't do that thing every time.

Note: Admin of this group are very strict and don't allow users to break the rules of group so be a good honest member.

Note: This forums is basically for users who have technology and gaming blog,same method users can follow in some idea forums like yahoo answer and more according to their taste.

I think this sufficient from mine side about windows 7 forums and i know when you become part of it you will become pro in driving your Windows 7 forums traffic to your blog.So what are you waiting for just visit this Windows 7 forums and register you account now for free.