ownload Avira Premium Security Suite 10 Free 3 Months Activation Key : Avira premium security suite 10 is available at Avira online store at  US$53,95 for one year activation key. They also provide 30 day trial versions of all security products. However, here is a method to download an extend 3 months (92 days) activation key (HDEBD.KEY) of Avira Premium Security 10 for free. This is a new promotional offer that is only valid to users of Germany and some other countries,  so you may need to set your browser to use a proxy of German or Southeast Asia. Follow these instructions to grab your free activation key.

1, Go to Avira promotion page, enter the required details and then click on the “Request license now” button. You will be taken to a new page.

2, Click the “License Overview” button.
Avira Premium Security Suite 10 Promotion Campaign - Account Created