Blogging is one of the best thing which is used by all the user to share his/her original thoughts and experience of the life in earlier time ,But people are using blog for sharing their information according to their interest ,as I have greater interest in Technology,gaming and gadgets etc so i start blog on these theme as like me many user have different blog of different interest.

But now as everyone have its own blog many of the users try to copy paste the data of some good post and paste them in their blog to make their post submission easy which is illegal ways of posting article in blog,which ruined all the effort of author who have written the original to stop that thing web developer have developed different online tool with help of which you can check who have copied the article material from where an this whole system is called plagiarism

So, if you want to have a check who have copied how much and from where then you can check these free online web tools shown below:

CopyScape is one of the best website with help of which you can easily detect plagiarism for free . By using this online tool you can check who copied from your website. you can buy copyscape paid detections tools as well which help you to give full satisfied information.

If you are looking for a tool to check to originality of the text then Plagirism Checker is the best and free online tool which help you out. And this online tool is very easy to use just copy the text which you want to scan and copy it at phrase box and click on search button then its result page will shows us the links which have the same text or words as per our text copied.

Advanced Plagiarism Checker free article checker is a tool that checks the web for plagiarism of your content..You have to do is just Paste your text to compare in the text box. And then they will break it up into small fragments and scan the Internet for it.Paste your text in the text box, then press the button.You can also adjust the sensitivity of the search by using the slider bar.

Article Checker is also a best online and free tool to check plagiarism which is maximum time used by me because it is free of cost and it very fast result giving online tool.

By Dupli Checker you can check the plagiarism in few second .It is  very simple website detect plagiarism, and it make search through  search engines like yahoo ,Google and MSN, and another good thing about it is that no membership is required its totally free.

Plagiarism Detect is also a good tool with help of which you can detect plagiarism.By using this tool you can Check unlimited number of pages with improved accuracy and without timeout,Novelty Multi-Layered technology with SMART scanning,Convenient "Send task to background" option with "Send results to email" feature and Scan in various search engines as well as additional resource scan with the new "Upload file" feature

Quotefinder was a little app here that allowed you to paste a text, and then highlighted those sentence which had a lot of phrase matches in Google... indicating that the sentence might have been copied from elsewhere. The tool is Google SOAP API based.


Plagirized is a very simple website to have check on plagiarism. This free service inquires from world renowned search engines like Google, yahoo, IMDB, Ask, and Bing. No registration of membership required this 100% free service.

So why don't you visit these tool and check who is copying whose article and if you more website then share with me .....