Free Download CA AntiVirus Plus Anti-Spyware With 6 Month License Active.The new release offers enhanced rootkit detection and removal. It also offers a visually refined, user-friendly interface that breaks down functions into intuitive sections. And CA AntiVirus Plus is auto-upgradeable, which means you don't have to check for product upgrades and go through cumbersome steps to step up your security. It all happens seamlessly, keeping your system fighting fit against the latest malware challenges.

In addition to its fast scanning engine and smart malware detection capabilities, CA AntiVirus Plus includes automatic updates, intuitive wizards, and well-thought-out default settings to eliminate the need for you to baby-sit your security software and second-guess protection levels. CA AntiVirus Plus is all about top-notch security made easy. So you can browse, email, send files, and chat online securely and keep your PC running at top condition. Download CA AntiVirus Plus Anti-Spyware

What’s New:
·      -   NEW: Industry-leading rootkit protection that can detect hidden malware
·       -  NEW: One-click installation and easy expanded competitive uninstall feature.
·      -   NEW: Quick scan prior to install.
·      -   NEW: Auto scanning of USB drives.
·        - NEW: Reduced memory footprint.