After the huge release of Internet Explorer 9 by Software giant Microsoft's had released First Ipad application called Bing for Ipad with help of which Bing allow Ipad users to browse songs,movies,bing images,bing news,local business listing and many more.By using this application now Ipad users can explore the cyber world and latest trends just in few second . Even by using this application Ipad users can search what is popular and what is reason behind that to make that thing popular.

I think this is a better application for ipad users let we discuss about some of the cool feature which is include in this Application called Bing for Ipad are discuss below:

1.Bing for iPad also includes Bing Maps with multiple map views which include road, aerial and birds eye.
2.It also included access to its vast movie listings and weather information.
3.In this application searching anything is so easy.
4.Bing has also included a voice search feature that allows iPad users to search with their voice.
5.Bing for iPad also includes an autosuggest feature with help of which users refine their search by providing suggestions based on their recent searches and related searches done by other people.

Let we have look at Bing Map feature shown below:

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Why don't you have look at preview of Bing for Ipad On video shown below:

You can download this Application Bing For Ipad from Apple Itune Store or from below link