Download PCMAV 3.0 Ragnarok - PCMedia Antivirus has been provided along with the launch of PC Media magazine, edition 04/2010, which is a special edition anniversary of the 9 and is equipped with a DVD-9 with a capacity of up to 8 GB and extra a computer book that contains tips Windows 7 & Vista., PCMAV who have reached release 3.0 with code name Ragnarok ready to download. Currently, PCMAV is the only one capable of recognizing antivirus 3164 virus and its variants are reported more widespread in Indonesia.

Download PCMAV 3.0 Ragnarok - PCMedia Antivirus

What's new in PCMAV 3.0 Ragnarok - PCMedia Antivirus:
  • Rewrite ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: radically rewrites most of the core code PCMAV components to fit the latest generation of the compiler used by PCMAV 3.0. The result, PCMAV is now more compatible and stable on Windows 7 32-bit.
  • Lightest ON SYSTEM RESOURCES: Compared to previous generations PCMAV, PCMAV 3.0 is now truly extraordinary lighter because it can save memory usage by 90%, although it has the largest virus database in Indonesia (more than 3000 viruses). In Windows XP SP3, in idle, the average memory usage by PCMAV 3.0 only 2 MB! Comparing with previous generation PCMAV in idle requires 35 MB of memory usage.
  • CPU multicore scanning OPTIMIZATION: PCMAV 3.0 run faster on the latest multi-core CPUs generation. With complex multi-thread technology, PCMAV 3.0 capable to work faster by utilizing multi-core CPUs architectural features automatically, either based CPU Intel HT technology (Pentium 4, Atom, Core i3/i5/i7, etc..) or AMD. Based on test results with the Intel Atom N270 Netbook (Windows XP SP3 OS), PCMAV 3.0 capable to work 2x faster than previous generation PCMAV.
  • UPDATED! Added identifier and cleaning database: 30 local / foreign / new variants viruses spread in Indonesia. Total 3164 virus and its variants.
  • Improved! Change the name of the virus following the new variant was found.
  • UPDATED! The contents and provisions in the README.txt.

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