Maximized security - Avira AntiVir Version 10. Version 10 of Avira AntiVir adds cloud-based detection to the proven IT security solution; introduces single-click malware removal.

IT security expert Avira is enabling its 100 million-plus users to become active virus fighters by introducing cloud-based virus detection and prevention with the latest generation of its anti-virus software, Avira AntiVir Version 10. New protective cloud technology detects and immobilizes new viruses as soon as they appear in the wild – helping to stop the spread of malware in its tracks.

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Cloud-based virus detection adds a fourth dimension to the heuristic, generic and pattern-based protection methods in Avira AntiVir Version 10, released today. Avira Community users are able to voluntarily help increase detection rates by submitting suspect files for examination. Version 10, available immediately, also introduces generic repair for damage that may be caused by new variants of viruses and malware.

Key innovations in Avira AntiVir Version 10:

* Behavior-based protection with AntiVir ProActiv
* Enhanced security, thanks to shared intelligence on emerging viruses from the 100 million-plus strong Avira Community
* Generic repair of registry data and infected files
* Express installation, transparent user interface, slide-up virus information with one-click removal feature
* Parental Control feature in the Avira AntiVir Suite, including control over Internet surfing hours

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