New update release for PCMAV 1.4 as Build 2. 10 virus added to this update build 2. As usual, turn off your PCMAV RTP before, place this update PCMAV 1.4 build 1 to your PCMAV folder. Done.

Here are virus list update from PCMAV 1.4 build 2:
Virus Ang.vbs.B, Virus Aniee.J, Virus Boenk, Virus Boenk.vbs, Virus Cyrax-Tutor, Virus Fisika, Virus Godham, Virus Godham.exe.A, Virus Godham.exe.B, Virus Godham.Inf, Virus Kalong.vbs.E, Virus Kalong.vbs.E.inf, Virus Robert, Virus Semut, Virus Semut.vbs.

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