New update release for PCMAV 1.3 as Build 5. 12 virus added to this update build 5. As usual, turn off your PCMAV RTP before, place this update PCMAV 1.3 build 5 to your PCMAV folder. Done.

Here are virus list update from PCMAV 1.3 build 5:
Virus AdaCinta, Virus Autoit.AW, Virus Autoit.AX, Virus Autoit.AY, Virus Autoit.AZ, Virus Autoit.B.ini.B, Virus Autoit.BA, Virus Autoit.BB, Virus Autoit.BC, Virus Autoit.BD, Virus Autoit.BE, Virus Autoply, Virus Autoply.inf, Virus Balik, Virus Boleh.vbs, Virus Boleh.vbs.inf, Virus Explorea.B, Virus Gen.FFE-A, Virus Gen.VMSharpSoft, Virus Gen.VMSharpSoft.exe, Virus Gen.VMSharpSoft.txt, Virus GhostyNet.B, Virus GhostyNet.B.html, Virus Husa.vbs, Virus Husa.vbs.inf, Virus Infor, Virus Infor.inf, Virus Keith.vbs.C, Virus Lavos.vbs, Virus Lavos.vbs.inf, Virus Marsand, Virus Ninta, Virus Ninta.inf, Virus Nita, Virus NitaILove, Virus Novi.vbs, Virus Novi.vbs.inf, Virus NowHacked, Virus Officestar, Virus Onye, Virus Quick, Virus Scootr, Virus Scootr.ini, Virus Scootr.txt, Virus Smasa, Virus Smasa.ini, Virus Smasa.txt, Virus Svseehost, Virus Valeria, Virus Yadoy, Virus Yadoy.htt, Virus Yadoy.inf.

For better result, rename your PCMAV-Clean.exe to other. This will protect your PCMAV from blocked by some virus.

Download PCMAV 1.3 Update Build5
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